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a collection of short films

SUN OCT 16 @ 3:30PM | Salem Cinema

The Adventures of Djembe and Bongo!
Directed by Noah & Ellen Dorsey.
United States. (4 mins.)
Filmmaker Noah Dorsey in attendance
All year long, Djembe and Bongo have been planning their vacation. Unbeknownst to them, they have been vacationing on an island of cannibals and not the vegetarian kind! Filmed on Super 8, this stop motion movie is an homage to the early days of animation.

Animation: A Palette of Possibilites
Directed by Angela Hinton.
United States (15 mins.)
This short documentary is a whirlwind tour of some of the animators who brought to life beloved classics such as Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty and Pete’s Dragon. It is a fascinating collection of anectodes and insights.

Directed by Michael Moore.
United States (10 mins.)
A quirky group of earthworms wake up one morning only to find that they are trapped in a young boy’s bait bucket. The spineless friends must devise a plan to escape and prove that they are more
than just fishfood.

Homeless Conductor
Directed by Dony Chiang.
Tawain. (3 mins.)
Once the conductor of a famous orchestra, a man now lives on the streets of a cold and silent city. One night, the homeless conductor picks up an old baton, takes a deep breath and suddenly, a miracle happens...

Directed by Sijia Luo.
United States. (4 mins.)
A little chicken is late to school, so she thinks up the perfect excuse to get herself off da hook.

Directed by Joselyn McDonald
United States (12 mins.)
Exploring the complexities and artistic nature of bathroom graffiti, this project took the all female crew of student filmmakers across America to document some of the most odd and inspiring pieces of art, tracing the evolution from pre-history to the present.

Directed by Melissa Bloom.
United States (3 mins.)
A bittersweet fairytale in which a Russian astronomer attempts to reconnect with the love of his life.


Directed by Bryn Silverman.
United States. (1 minute.)
Filmmaker Bryn Silverman in attendance
A short animated/cut-out film of mild explosions.

The Shepherd Boy and The Wolf: A Stop-Motion Adaptation
Directed by Timothy Schultz.
United States. (11 mins.)
Although many people are familiar with the tradional moral tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, this adaptation follows Aesop’s story with a less-than-traditional approach. Not only is the character of the boy brought to life through his humorous antics, the entire film is enhanced through unique artistry that combines 10,000 still photographs with modern graphics. It is a fresh take on a timeless modern classic.

Without Wings
Directed by Jo Meuris.
Canada. (4 mins.)
Without Wings is a celebration of the human body in motion. The feats of athleticism performed by dancers and acrobats as they leap, soar, flip and spin through the movements of dance. Re-created by hand and woven together in a symphony of animated figures, this gorgeous short rejoices in the amazing ways the human body is able to defy gravity.




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