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Directed by Nina Paley
United States, 92 Minutes
SUN APR 19, 12:00pm; FRI APR 24, 6:45pm

Film Hosted by Chris Sproul & Nancy Hull

This delightful, feminist spoof of the ancient Hindu epic The Ramayana is an inventive handmade, heartfelt romp. Director Nina Paley began the project after her own husband moved to India to take a job and then ended their marriage via e-mail. Using her autobiography sparingly to frame the tale, Paley’s gorgeous flash-animated artwork, created over the span of five years, uses a rich blend of visual styles to wed the story of a modern-day marital split to the saga of the goddess Sita, abandoned by her husband Rama. One animation style portrays Sita as a Betty Boop-like caricature, another as a mythically sensual creature. The narrative is broken up by segments of stop-action cutouts as elaborate as pages in a children’s pop-up book, while shadow puppets engage in a gentle sibling rivalry to recount the details of the 3,000 year-old fairytale. Meanwhile, blues ballads from the 1920s enhance the mood. Such an ebullient combination ensures that Sita Sings The Blues remains surprisingly fresh and utterly captivating.

Filmography: First Feature

Awards: Berlinale Film Festival's Special Mention, Annecy Film Festival's Cristal for Best Feature Film, Avignon Film Festival's Prix Tournage for Best American Feature Film, Athens International Film Festival's Best Script Award, Ottawa International Animation Festival's Honorable Mention for Best Animated Feature, Montreal's Festival du Noveau Cinéma's Grand Prix Z Télé, Leeds International Film Festival's Golden Owl Special Mention, Starz Denver Film Festival's Fox 31 Emerging Filmmaker Award, Gotham Independent Film Awards' Best Film NOT Playing at a Theater Near You, Santa Fe Film Festival's Best Animation, Les Nuits Magiques' Audience Award for Best Feature Film, Boulder International Film Festival's Best Animated Film, Fargo Film Festival's Ruth Landfield Award & Honorable Mention for Best Animation coming soon!


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