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West Coast Premiere!
Directed by Jeff Lipsky
United States, 105 Minutes

FRI APR 17, 7:15pm

Filmmakers Jeff Lipsky & Ruben O'Malley in attendance

Film Hosted by Loretta Miles

Director Jeff Lipsky's engaging and endearing dramatic comedy explores the parallel life crises of a father and daughter in a close-knit Italian American family. Frank Gregorio (Chazz Palminteri) is a successful psychiatrist, loving husband and doting grandfather to the two children of his eldest daughter, Lana (Drea de Matteo). A chance introduction to karaoke reawakens Frank's dream of becoming a professional singer. While his wife, Angelina (Maria Tucci), thinks he's just practicing to sing at his youngest daughter's upcoming wedding, Frank befriends a karaoke aficionado (Linda Fiorentino), who turns out to be a femme fatale with plans for Frank. Simultaneously, the sarcastic and harried Lana grows increasing neurotic about her post-pregnancy weight and flagging marriage, leading her to contemplate plastic surgery and an affair. The film brims with wit, heart and music, as well as an exceptional ensemble cast.

Filmography: Childhood's End (97), Flannel Pajamas (06)

Jeff Lipsky (Director)

Lipsky is a veteran in the independent film world. Co-founder of both October Films and Lot 47 Films, he shepherded several groundbreaking movies into the marketplace -- My Life As A Dog, which earned Lasse Hallstrom his first two Oscar nods, Jim Jarmusch’s first flick Stranger Than Paradise and the feature that introduced actor Gary Oldman to the world, Sid & Nancy. In 1997 Lipsky wrote and directed his first feature film, Childhood’s End, which was hailed by critics for its savvy dialogue and uncompromising depiction of unconventional relationships. Those of us who cherish and revere independent film have much to thank Mr. Lipsky for.

Ruben O'Malley (Cinematographer)

When Jeff first spoke to Ruben about Once More With Feeling, they were both ecstatic. Making this film has been one of the most satisfying Ruben has ever done, because of the close working relationship he and Jeff have developed. Ruben is a native of San Francisco, and has roots in the Pacific Northwest, though he moved to Brooklyn 10 years ago to attend the grad film program at NYU. In that time he has lensed numerous independent films, such as Love, Ludlow, Harvest, Futures (and Derivatives), and TV work for PBS, OPB and IFC (The Armenian Genocide, Jerusalem - Center of the World, Indy Sex). He also had the great pleasure of documenting Oregon Animal Control Officers rescue trapped pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Ruben has won occasional awards for his work and looks forward to more of it. You can see his work at

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