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Directed by Tze Chun
United States, 86 Minutes
Drama/Family Friendly

SUN APR 19, 12:30pm; TUE APR 21, 6:30pm

Special Film Sponsor: West Coast Trust on behalf of Marion-Polk Food Share's Running on Empty Competition

Admission for this film will be discounted to $5 with the donation of at least 3 cans of food to benefit Marion-Polk Food Share!

For immigrants, the American Dream has always been a symbol of success that meant achieving a new life far removed from past hardships. In director Tze Chun's feature film debut, that dream takes compelling dramatic form in the parallel tales of two members of a Chinese-American family in suburban Boston. Single mother Elaine Cheng struggles to support her two young children, Raymond and Tina, by juggling various sales jobs. Fate forces the family to take refuge in an unfurnished apartment building. Precocious Raymond dreams of taking care of his mother and sister with fortunes from his inventions, but Elaine finds herself drawn into a pyramid scheme that jeopardizes the welfare of her family, the very thing she’s struggling to protect.

Filmography: First Feature

Awards: San Francisco International Asian Film Festival's Special Jury Award

Shown with the short film
Directed by Tomas Soderberg
Portland, 7 minutes

We are invited to glimpse the everyday struggles of a homeless Portland man who pontificates on life while collecting bottles and cans for his next meal.


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