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united States, 98 mins.
Saturday, 4:30 PM, The Grand Theater

You be the judge! The seven short films in this package, ranging in length from 4 minutes up to 48 minutes, all hail from Oregon filmmakers. The jury’s still out on who will walk home with the coveted NW Emerging Artist Award, so your vote counts! The filmmakers will be in attendance for a forum discussion following the films and while they rally to answer your questions, the votes will be tallied and the award presented right then and there! Special Jury votes have been tabulated and the audience vote will be calculated in after the films have screened.

Good Sam
Directed by Anthony Pierce, 6 mins.

Discovering that the money he’s been saving for his mom’s birthday is missing, Sam is determined not to let that stop him. On his journey into the city, Sam is helped by a Good Samaritan and can finally send his mother a gift that touches the very spirit of innocence.

Foie Gras
Directed by Sam Sparks, 3 mins.

After watching Francois Farmer slay her lover and devour his liver, Claire Goose attempts a daring escape to freedom, but Francois is not about to let his favorite meal get away.

Knock Knock
Directed by Cime Bruce, 48 mins.

A lonely, eccentric secretary wishes to fulfill a romantic void. A kind, physically challenged courier hopes to win her heart. A henpecked husband jumps into a relationship with a woman with borderline personality. Where love is concerned, when opportunity knocks, each must decide which should be answered and which would be best forgotten.

Rifle Workbook
Directed by Vincent Caldoni, 6 mins.

A mysterious and angelic figure presides over a ceremony populated by surrealistic hill-folk as they perform a series of bizarre, miniature rituals leading to a most unexpected climax.

Superhero Talent
Directed by Warren Pereira, 11 mins.

In a dark comedy that pits talent against love, a high-powered business executive argues that the talented need less love than the untalented. His fawning co-worker disagrees.  As they heatedly debate status, women and superheroes we realize the deeper, more personal roots, to their discussion.

White Flag
Directed by Travis Nicholas Zariwny, 16 mins.

Trapped and wounded in a small apartment, October, Lefton and Madison must wade through a swamp of mixed emotions and desires, as they struggle to survive. A full frontal assault on modern relationships in the twenty first century, it represents a complex re-working of the great expectations of loyalty, betrayal and trust. 

Who’s Good Looking
Directed by Warren Pereira, 8 mins.

A young couple's stroll through a skincare boutique prompts a debate about beauty, the eye of the beholder, and aesthetic obsession.

Anthony Pierce (Director of Good Sam)

Writer/Director Anthony Pierce was born in Silverton Oregon, the youngest of eight children. He was introduced into acting in grade school when asked by his teacher to play Injun Joe in Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In 1987, while still in high school, he wrote his first feature screenplay, made his first short film, won The Best Supporting Actor in the George S. Kaufman play You Can't Take It With You and was on television playing Vince of the Vince and Larry crash dummies. After graduating from high school he did several television commercials but his real passion was writing. In 2007 after years in Real Estate he got back into filmmaking and sold his first feature length screenplay Age Sex Location.

Sam Sparks (Director of Foie Gras)

Sam Sparks grew up in Salem, Oregon until he left home to attend the University of Southern California School of Cinema Television.  It was there that he completed Foie Gras with the guidance of filmmaker Everett Lewis.  He now freelances full time for motion graphics and animation studios in Los Angeles.

Cime Bruce (Director of Knock Knock)

CIME (SEE-me) BRUCE (aka Claire Eklund) received a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Morgan State University, in Baltimore, Maryland. She then received a Certificate in Film from New York University. Her screenplay Fast Food was chosen inthe first round of 2005 Sundance Film Festival. In 2007, she founded FINAO Productions, LLC and shot her first SAG Ultra low Budget short Knock Knock. She employees ten film professionals year round and is currently in pre-production for her first feature Special.

Vincent Caldoni (Director of Rifle Workbook)

Vincent Caldoni began pursuing the performing arts while at Grant High School, in Portland. There he began writing and directing and also produced several plays, going so far as to take several pieces on the road performing them worldwide. In 2002, he joined with several other Art Institute students to form the Blueprint Films collective. In 2004, he wrote and directed his first short film, The Accordion and has gone on to work on several shorts, features and music videos in a myriad of capacities. Cathedral Park , his first featured film, is currently still playing film festivals and has garnered several awards including last year's NW Emerging Artist Award at Salem Film Festival.

Warren Pereira (Director of Superhero Talent and Who's Good Looking?)

Born in Bombay, India, Warren Pereira was introduced to theater at an early age by his parents and performed in various high-school productions. He enjoyed movies as a child and used them as an escape mechanism and as a source of motivation. After graduating with a degree in Biology from Lewis and Clark, Warren studied film at the Art Institute of Portland and Meisner Acting Technique with Laurel Smith. In 2005 he founded his production company W Films. Since then Warren has been writing, directing and acting in his films. Clever dialogue, compelling mise en scéne, long takes and a balance of
satire and humor give his films a distinct cinematic style.

Travis Zariwny (Director of White Flag)

A native Oregonian that has been steeped in the artistic community and motion picture industry for fifteen years, Travis Zarwiny has served as Robert Redford’s Art Director for the Sundance Film Makers Lab and was granted the opportunity to learn first hand the triumphs and failures of cinematic storytelling. He started his career early in the studio system and gradually moved toward the creativity and freedom of independent films. With the ultimate goal of Directing narrative features, he focused his career by consistently working with some of the industries top professional. He has Production Designed over 30 feature films, and has been the Director of Photography on numerous projects, so moving into the Directors chair was the next step in his evolution as a film maker.

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